Friday, November 25, 2011

Amy has a sewing blog!

So I decided to start a sewing blog now that I've finished law school (hopefully, results come out on November 30).  So I called it Sewing Counsel.  It'll be about sewing, obviously.  And Counsel is a lame reference to the law - I hope to become a barrister after a few years experience!

I start a grad job in January, so hopefully the next two months of posts will be filled with fun sewing of work tops, skirts, pants and hopefully jackets!

To start off with the fun, here's the dress that I sewed for the Riverfire Ball this year.  It's made with a funny lace fabric I found at spotlight (it seems to be fused to a microfibre type fabric) and is lined with black poly satin.  The pattern is Vogue 8723.

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  1. So we both have nice new shiny party dresses for christmas! It's a lovely dress.