Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sewing books

I'm a bit of a book geek - I did my first undergrad degree in literature.  So ever since I started sewing, I've been searching for the elusive sewing reference text.  
Though today's sewing patterns are pretty damn good with instructions (well, most of them), it's fun to have a few books around.
The first book I bought was this one - The Complete Book of Sewing.  This one is pretty good, but not very attractive.  It's a lot of fun to read in bed actually.  Was good study procrastination.  I got it for $12 at a bookstore (I can't remember - maybe UBD?), so it was an impulse buy.
After researching a bit more, I decided to get Vogue Sewing and the Colette Sewing Handbook.  
If you're looking for a gorgeous book that really inspires you, go for the Colette Sewing Handbook!  Sarai's an internet sewing LEGEND, and designer of Colette Patterns.  Her designs are vintage inspired and simply breathtaking.  This one comes with 5 patterns as well.  The pictures are beautiful and her writing style is like having an awesome sewing friend right next to you.
Vogue Sewing arrived this afternoon.  It's a 460 page monster!  I'm so excited to get in and read this one.  It's the size of my Corporate Law textbook, but about 10 million times more fun!
I spent the weekend re-organising my sewing space.  It's been a HUGE mess from about the start of October.  Now that exams are over (and marks are due out on Wednesday - eeeep!) I had a chance to clean!  I'd show you pictures, but the camera battery died! :(  I'm about to get my partner to build me a sewing/cutting table - I want one that's about 90/100cm tall so I can cut without killing my back.  Cutting's my least favourite thing to do with sewing, so if anything will kick my arse into gear, it will be good!

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  1. Ahhh, a fellow English major! lol I also got my first degree in literature. Love your blog! :-)