Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Dress

Ever since I started sewing for myself, I've always made myself a new casual dress for Christmas Day.  And I always seem to sew it on Christmas Eve.  It's only the 22nd today, but as it's 9:50pm in Brisbane, it's unlikely that I'll start until the 23rd (or as we say in my family: Christmas Eve Eve).

I've been buying Burda Style all year.  I LOVE the magazine.  Their casual dresses are awesome, but they have  a disturbing idea of what constitutes work clothes (though there were a few cute dresses I can probably get away with in court).

So, the Christmas dress comes down to these two options from May 2011:

Dress 104: 

Dress 110: 

I've got a black and cream crepe-y fabric that I picked up from a garage sale earlier this year (about 6m worth if I remember correctly).  I've got black stretch jersey in the stash to make the bandeau.

Opinions please?

Happy holidays, whatever you celebrate (I celebrate eating too much, watching Xmas movies and looking at the lights)!!!!!


  1. I like the orange one! I also love the idea of your blog, but know I am not personally cut out for sewing.
    Enjoy :D

  2. Hah I like the 110 one best - love that consensus! I wonder if you made one already.