Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vogue 8380 in maroon jersey

Finally, a finished object!

I started by making a muslin out of calico (I only did the top half of the skirt for fitting purposes).  For once, I actually wanted to make sure that the dress fit properly; firstly, because it was going to be made out of a stretch fabric (the pattern does say lightweight wovens and jersey), and secondly, I'm trying to actually learn how to fit properly!

I did the fitting the lazy way - once the dress was on my housemate, I pinned the fabric so it was very close fitting - I ended up cutting off a triangle from the side of the top pieces - hard to describe - it was about an inch at the top and tapered down to about 1/4 inch at the end.  The rest of the dress was made as normal.  I have a feeling that this isn't the way to do fitting - I've got a copy of Nancy Zieman's Pattern Fitting With Confidence.  Next project (after I do my graduation dress) will be done according to the steps in this book!

I only had to unpick ONE seam, which is a first for me (usually I spend about half of the sewing time unpicking - sigh).   I put this down to familiarity with the pattern (I started sewing two days after the muslin, so I knew exactly what the steps were.

And now the big reveal:
Whaddya think?


  1. Well done, so swish!

    I alter "the lazy way" all the time. Sometimes lazy = the best use of your time for what you want to accomplish. :)

  2. That is such a pretty dress. Your housemate must be thrilled!